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IEET Fellows Part of an International Consortium of Institutions Working on the Metabody Project
Apr 6, 2013  

Fellows Kevin LaGrandeur and Stefan Sorgner are part of an international consortium of institutions working on the Metabody Project, investigating the role technology has on interrelatedness of embodiment and emotion.

The grant, from the EU’s Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency, is approximately $5.5 million and is funding the Metabody Project.  The Project’s primary investigator is the Spanish artist and intellectual Jaime del Val, and its goal is to study the interrelatedness of embodiment and emotion, and the impact that digitality and the information revolution have had on this relationship.  The end product of the Metabody Project is an interactive mobile architectural structure for outdoor spaces, about the size of a railroad car and including digitally mediated and analogue environments, that will travel to various countries for hands-on, experiential kinetic workshops for the general public.  The Project is projected to last five years, and includes artists, humanists, and scientists from about 20 institutions from Europe and North and South America.

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