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Great Ape Conservation Efforts

Annette Lanjouw, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives and Great Apes Program, and speaker at the Personhood Beyond the Human Conference talks about the ethics behind saving great apes.
Annette Lanjouw is a highly regarded expert in great ape conservation, having worked with chimpanzees, bonobos and gorillas in the wild as well as working extensively in conservation strategy, program implementation and research. For 15 years she was director of the International Gorilla Conservation Programme which works to conserve the fewer than 800 mountain gorillas inhabiting the forests on the border of Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Ms. Lanjouw served as scientific advisor to world-renowned wildlife filmmaker Alan Root, as Central Africa program officer for the Wildlife Conservation Society, and as project manager and field director for the Frankfurt Zoological Society’s Chimpanzee Conservation Project in eastern DRC. Before joining Arcus, she was international program officer for the Howard G. Buffett Foundation. A native of the Netherlands, Ms. Lanjouw holds a BSc in zoology and psychology from Victoria University in New Zealand and a doctorandus degree in behavioral ecology from the Rijks Universiteit in the Netherlands. She is scientific advisor to the Trust for African Rock Art, and a member of the Species Survival Commission Primate Specialist Group, the Trans-boundary Conservation Specialist Group, and the World Commission on Protected Areas.

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