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Visions of a Free Society

“This is Part 3 of 3 of Work Sucks! I can’t describe an entire economic system in one video so I just started a new Channel where I’ll be discussing these issues along with the more technical aspects of Left-Libertarianism. Please come by and subscribe:

“If you would like to see how this economic system works in more detail, click here:

Some Left-Libertarians endorse Participatory Economics (Parecon). While I like many aspects of Parecon, I find it an unrealistic system for a number of reasons. As the theory exists today, Parecon needs to be revised with more scrutiny. Anyway, it does have many good points and promoters have been good about writing about it to a general public. At the same time, this has hurt its reputation by turning Parecon into popcorn economics.” - The Left-Libertarian

Excellent stuff! A step closer to successful social philosophy, Bring it on..

However, not sure about the 16 hours per week imposed Communism? A scientist is best serving themselves and society focusing full attention on goals and problems?

Also successful communities/societies will still need protections against feudalism and conflict from "less successful" and envious communities – therefore as indicated, a central federal authority is required absolutely!

"Office space" is one of my favourite movies, been there man!

Thank you for highlighting this.. I will spread the words.

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