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Empifi: Writing the Future of Understanding Human Emotions, and Broadcasting Empathy
Amy Li   Feb 23, 2013   Adam Ford  

Echnology is growing at an exponential speed, but human emotion is still largely a mystery. Empifi is creating the next paradigm shift in understanding human emotions by using biosensors and contextualized data gathering.
 Using wearable devices, we leverage existing sensor technology to passively measure your bio-signals. The devices transmit information to your smartphone so that you can understand how, when and why you were feeling in a certain way.

We can then use this information to help you change your emotions, in subtle, unobtrusive ways. Empifi aims to broadcast empathy, remind you all the happy moments in life, and make our world a happier and more loving place. This project is born out of the Singularity University Graduate Studies Program 2012. The program immerses students in an unparalleled learning environment to focus on solving the planet’s most pressing challenges using exponential & accelerating technologies. Students are challenged with 10⁹+ Team Projects, with the mission of positively affecting the lives of a billion people within 10 years.


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