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Most IEET Readers Expect Libido Will Persist
Sep 18, 2010  

Nearly 70% of those who answered an IEET poll question say the human libido is here to stay. Though it may become adjustable and even optional, enhanced humans or posthumans are likely to retain some form of the libido for its social bonding function “” not to mention its pleasure factor!

In a recently concluded poll, just over 40% chose the moderate “not disappear, but become adjustable and optional” answer. The second highest percentage, 29%, said the libido will never disappear because of its social bonding function, and another 15% questioned the sanity of the poll preparer.

Only 8% believe that the libido someday will be regarded by posthumans “as an unnecessary distraction from more important work,” while the final 8% think it’s still too early to know what will happen.

Is the libido merely a function of biological reproduction that will disappear in posthumans?
poll results


What I dislike is how religionists in some cases sanctify sex; for instance a Christian will quote the Bible’s prescription to “cleave as one flesh,” or something equally smarmy. BTW, mink rutting in April have as good a time as humans—and mink don’t have to concern themselves with STDs or divorce arttorneys.

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