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‪Live Forever as an Android?!‬

Thrilling forecast video from Atman Inc.

I'm sorry, but what exactly is this? I checked out Atman Synthetics, and the page is just their logo asking for a username and password. I can't find anything else about this company or the two doctors who appear in the video. "Arjay Mikhail," doesn't even seem to be a real name at all. I typed it in quotes and the only two results I got were regarding this video.

This is clearly fictional since the men present their mind uploading scheme as something they've already created, and not merely speculative. Is this a tie in with a movie or video game, some kind of stealth marketing, or just a hoax? My unenhanced wetware is confused!
This has got to be a hoax (viral marketing?) but it may be a useful way to explain one of our goals to people.

If it's *not* a hoax, I'll get around to eating my shoe sometime shortly after I've gotten a new body. wink
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