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18 Nations Join the “Longevity Party”
Sep 21, 2012  

The Longevity Party - started by IEET contributors Ilia Stambler and Maria Konovalenko - already has chapters in 18 nations, after only two months of existence: Russia, the US, Israel, Finland, Georgia, Canada, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Mexico, Uganda, South Africa, Korea, Philippines, Singapore.

Six of the national leaders are closely-affiliated with IEET - that list includes Ilia Stambler (Israel), Maria Konovalenko (Russia), Hank Pellissier (USA), Ilkka Vuorikuru (Finland), Peter Wicks (Belgium) and Miriam Leis (Singapore).


How does one join the U.S. chapter?

Hi Peter—you can contact me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) about joining the USA chapter. Thanks!  Looking forward to hearing from you and your ideas about contributing.

Please how I could open a chapter in Germany?


There is now a facebook page for the German Longevity Party.

With the recent addition of Germany, France, and Ukraine, there are now 21 emerging chapters!

The central LP page

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