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Long for this World - Live Forever or Die Trying

Trailer of a documentary about the science and philosophy of the longevity movement, and the scientists making science fiction a reality. The film is by Jason Sussberg and David Alvarado.

I think Aubrey and crew are great, glad they are doing what they are doing.

But, I think it is a waist, and will result in many more of us dying than necessary, wasting their timeon this premitive platform that is our body.

The emerging expert consensus at Canonizer.comm, is that we are spiritual beings, not ment to be trapped inside a skull, whether mortal or otherwise. Once we discover the neural corelates of consciousness, we will be imortally freed from the body, which will also solve all the other problems the 'apocoliptic' fear mongers fear. Everything from global warming to the dificulty of space trave will be solved with one fell sweep.

Working on aging, is like working on old realy technology of the pre computer era.

We need to focus on the brain, not primitive platforms we are about to abandon.

Brent Allsop

I hear where Brent is coming from. My own attitude is sympathetic with Brent, but I'm all for covering as many bases as possible.

There are many strong reasons to believe that we will be able to move our consciousness to machines in the future, but time frame estimates vary.

If it takes 150 years to perfect the transferring of consciousness to machines technology, but only 35 years to achieve bodily immortality, it makes sense that people who are better at the biological end of things focus their energies there.
There are good points on both sides but I don't think it has to be a choice. We still have trains running between cities we can now fly to. Some people will never accept abandoning the human body, as some refuse to fly even though it is statistically the safest form of transportation.

Both options must be fully investigated, both options must be made available. For those who choose to live traditionally, anti-aging may greatly expand life and it's enjoyment. For those of us who wish to take to the stars or explore the limits of existence transcending into a vitological state may be more appealing.

We endanger both options by allowing space for the common goal to be divided and conquered by the fear-mongering interest of the status-quo.
These comments share the view of most people today, which assumes that consciousness emerges from the brain. But there is no proof of this.

Consciousness arising from somewhere outside of the brain helps to answer a lot of difficult questions with quantum mechanics.

It also helps to understand the present moment, and the arrow of time.

There is nothing more "magical" about this idea. Consciousness somehow arising from matter seems more magical to me.

If consciousness does not, in fact, arise from the brain, then a lot of the discussion about immortality is a mute point, because we (or, rather "Consciousness") may already be immortal.

How/where do I get the video, not just the trailer? I've been following Aubrey's work and am very interested. It's fasinating.
@ Caroline -- the movie isn't completed. The filmmakers are currently seeking funding to complete the project. Let me know if you want to help them out; I can put you in touch with them if you want to support the completion of the film.
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