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Does Space Travel Make You Stupid?
DNews   Oct 10, 2014   DNews  

Space travel is a fascinating idea, but it comes with some potentially harmful consequences. Trace is here to discuss many ways that space can harm the human body.


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Why astronauts get the ‘space stupids’…

“As he was hurtling into orbit, Cosmonaut Gherman Titov had the distinct feeling that his body was cartwheeling through the air. It started as soon as Vostok 2 separated from its booster and he was thrust into weightlessness.”

Trip to Mars would turn astronauts into weaklings…

“Astronauts on a mission to Mars could lose nearly half their muscle strength during the long trip, giving them the physiques of senior citizens by the time they arrived, according to a new study.”

Going Private: The Promise and Danger of Space Travel…

“A flurry of space tourism milestones and announcements in recent days signals that human spaceflight is shifting from governments to the private sector, space experts say.”

Effect of Prolonged Space Flight on Human Skeletal Muscle (Biopsy)…

“The Biopsy researchers take calf muscle biopsies of crew members before and after their stay aboard the International Space Station (ISS).”

In space, astronauts immune systems get totally confused…

“Can an astronaut survive a long-term spaceflight?”

Microgravity and radiation exposure add up to serious health risks for astronauts…

“Astronauts floating weightlessly in the International Space Station may appear carefree, but years of research have shown that microgravity causes changes to the human body.”

Understanding Space Radiation…

“Outside the protective cocoon of the Earth’s atmosphere in a universe full of radiation - it is all around us.”

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Would You Want To Live on Mars?…

What I Learned in Croatia…


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