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“So you want to make gods. Now why would that bother anybody?”

David Brin, an IEET Fellow, delivered this lecture at the 2011 Singularity Summit in New York.

David's presentation was insightful and enjoyably provocative.
21 jan 2012
ab ca na earth
10:02 am mst
-13 * C

re: the future

the future is a strange thing.... heard the oddest thing that the republicans are saying as a slogan in the usa.... 'RESTORE OUR FUTURE' well i suppose on the surface it sounds quite benign but upon examination it seems the epitome of entitlement.... as though the future is something we can just roll into and take for granted.... to match some kind of entitled expectations.... the future doesn't exist though, would be my take and one has to make it out of virtually nothing and sometimes against all odds.... so restore our future seems the muddled cry of a bunch of spoiled children... besides the future is now relative to what we talked about it 30 years ago and i suppose if the future is now then what were talking about past now is the postfuture.... anyway sorry didn't mean to rant... i would actually see it as progress though if humanity is just able to sustain the status quo, let alone achieve great things but perhaps sustain it in a better way
anyway thanks again
and cheers and carry on

ed jonas
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