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The Land of the Dead vs The Land of the Living
V.R. Manoj   Sep 5, 2007   Cyborg Fantasies  

Yesterday, I saw a movie by the name “The Land of the Dead”.

It is a fictional tale set in a world where the dead come back to life as Zombies and are fenced out from living people. The Zombies eventually break through the fence and then there are these really cool warriors who blow them up in the end making the world a better place. So much for the story.

However, what really interested me in the movie is the social structure. In the centre of the city of the still living is a very tall tower where the rich people are housed and live in the lap of luxury while all around them, poverty resounds loudly. However, both the rich and the poor suffer the same fate when the zombies come. Or, let me put it this way…they both have the same adversaries..the zombies who are fenced out.

It is so similar to the real world where both the poor and the rich, though secluded from each other…still share the same adversaries. The most important adversary is mortality. However, there is great inequality here just as seen in the movie I was quoting from. When the Zombies attack, it is the poor people who get attacked first after the soldiers. The rich people get attacked, but much later. In the present social systems, disease strikes the poor people more although both the rich and the poor share the same kind of body, in terms of anatomy.

Thus, in essence, the cyborg fantasy or the land of the living is really not that different from the land of the dead ! Will there ever be equality ? In the movie, there is equality in the form of the grissly death scenes…however, is there a more pleasant form of equality instead of the finality ?

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V.R. Manoj has a Ph.D in Environmental Biotechnology/Sciences from Anna University, Chennai, India. He has worked in the Renewable energy industry and currently teaches Environmental Sciences and Engineering to Engineering grad students in India. Dr. Manoj was an IEET Affiliate Scholar for 2010-2012.

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