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Obtaining Political Support for USA Life Extension Research
Tom Mooney   Aug 25, 2012   Ethical Technology  

There are many ways to influence elected officials to support life extension. Here’s several suggestions on how become involved.

It is essential that we know how our elected officials stand on the issue of life extension. Many politicians seeking higher office will claim ignorance of this issue but this is not a viable excuse - I find it incomprehensible that they have heard nothing about it.

Many will not want to confront it because - like abortion or euthanasia - it is a divisive social issue with profound social, political, and religious implications. But don’t take “NO” for an answer. Remember that you are now a member of the voting public, and no politician in office wants to throw votes away.

Begin by contacting your Representatives in the House and the Senate. Remember, you are their employer! Write them a letter asking if they support medical research for life extension. Be spare but lucid in your comments.  Ask them “what is their position on indefinite life extension, and why do they feel that way?”

(I am currently in the process of sending out a questionnaire inquiring into these questions. As soon as my questionnaire is complete, I will provide a copy of it to post here at IEET.)

Be polite in any letter you send out or any conversations you have with staff members. One can disagree without being disagreeable. On the other hand make sure your elected officials are made aware that your vote - as well as the votes of your friends, neighbors and relatives in the area - will be greatly influenced by the answers to the questions.

Additional actions you can take are:

1. When you get their answer to your letter, let everyone you know read it, and urge them to contact the politician’s office with their opinion.

2. Go to a debate or public forum and ask your elected officials, directly, how they stand on life extension.

3. Set up a meeting with your representatives and explain what you want, and ask them to support your efforts. If they are negative (which I doubt) or if they procrastinate by saying they need study the issue first, tell them you will be distributing information about their stance to your friends, your neighbors and other life extension supporters in their District.

If you make it clear that you will only vote for those who are supportive of life extension research then you will be noticed and our issue will gain saliency.

Remember, we are the"good guys and girls.” We want people to have the opportunity to extend their life indefinitely!

We are still a nascent movement but it is beginning to grow and we are steadfast in our beliefs.
Make sure your elected officials know your position - it may take some time but “we will prevail!”


Tom Mooney has been a member of the Maryland legislature, a former nominee for Maryland Governor, a columnist for the Journal papers, and the author of "Live Forever or Die Trying." He's also a father of four children, a criminal defense attorney, and the Executive Director of the Coalition to Extend Life.

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