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Graphing Transhumanism and Human Enhancement
Kyle Munkittrick   Dec 26, 2010   Science Not Fiction  

I thought it might be fun to play with Google’s endlessly entertaining Ngram viewer and see if we live up to our reputation as rogue scientists from the future.

The Ngram viewer lets you search for the number of occurrences of a specific word in every book Google has indexed thus far. As you can see, “future” peaked in 2000…


Now let’s try “transhumanism” and “human enhancement”...


See more HERE.

Kyle Munkittrick, IEET Program Director: Envisioning the Future, is a recent graduate of New York University, where he received his Master's in bioethics and critical theory.
Nicole Sallak Anderson is a Computer Science graduate from Purdue University. She developed encryption and network security software, which inspired the eHuman Trilogy—both eHuman Dawn and eHuman Deception are available at Amazon, the third installment is expected in early 2016. She is a member of the advisory board for the Lifeboat Foundation and the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies.

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