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Science Fiction and Tech Innovation
Annalee Newitz   Jun 28, 2009   io9  

io9’s head honcho Annalee Newitz talks about the relationship of science fiction and technological innovation at Webstock09. “Just two decades ago, the Web and public internet were the stuff of science fiction. Creators like William Gibson, who coined the term “cyberspace” in his novel Neuromancer, helped define the terms of social life online, as well as inspiring many of the inventions (like smartphones) that we take for granted. But what is today’s science fiction telling us about where our technology will go tomorrow? I’ll talk about the stories today’s scifi creators are telling about the Web and internet, and how their ideas create a fantastical map of what people are seeking in their online lives.”

Annalee Newitz at Webstock 09 from Webstock on Vimeo.

Great presentation thoroughly enjoyed it. She also brought up a very good point of how even negative scenarios can be helpful in defining how tech progresses. If all of our science fiction was full of happy and safe scenarios then we would not be ready when actual negative scenarios due occur. I hope this lesson is understood by the transhumanist community. In either case the relationship of science fiction and reality is rather intimate and will continue to get even more intimate as we cross the singularity threshold of what is and isn't possible.
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