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Google rolling out the AR glasses from Vernor Vinge’s novel Rainbows End
Annalee Newitz   Mar 15, 2012  

In Vernor Vinge’s novel Rainbows End, the author imagines a near future where everybody wears computers knitted into their clothing, which are connected to augmented reality contact lenses or glasses.

Everybody looks at the world through a layer of data, whether that’s just social information about the people they’re talking to, or a full-blown MMO overlay that turns their college campus into a medieval village. People use these AR goggles to do everything from research to gaming; Vinge imagines AR as a technology that can pull the web into the real world.

Now, Google is going to do exactly what Vinge predicted. Over at the New York Times, Nick Bilton reports on a Google X project that could put AR glasses on your face in less than a year, for roughly the cost of a smart phone. Bilton writes:

(to read the rest of the article click HERE)

Image via Bruce Branit’s fascinating short film about a guy using AR contacts to build a holographic world.

Annalee Newitz is an American journalist who covers the cultural impact of science and technology. She is the editor-in-chief of io9, which named in 2010 as one of the top 30 science blogs by The Times. Her work has been published in Popular Science, Wired,, New Scientist, San Francisco Chronicle, Washington Post, and AlterNet, and she is a regular lecturer at colleges and conferences.

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