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Future Day: The Future of Work

What sort of future do you want? Future Day is a celebration of imaginative and rational thinking about the future where you can participate. “Future Day is designed to center the impossible in the public mind once a year as a temptation too delicious to resist.”—Howard Bloom, Author and Publicist

You can use Future Day to harness energy, and help spread the importance of future thinking to a wider audience. Much like Earth Day has. Today with Earth Day there are campaigns to turn off lights, to be more aware of energy consumption, and focus on ecological problems. We hope that Future Day will influence people to take action for a better long term future.

Lets raise a toast to our power to create dramatic new solutions to the problems of today — and let’s have fun in the process. Let’s celebrate the amazing opportunities we have right now to work towards a beneficial future!


This presentation is awesome!

The dexterity and skills of these robots, especially the Quadcopters is amazing. Are these machines conscious entities? Or merely conscious, (aware), of their surroundings and environment? Semantics!

The speculative analysis of where Capitalism is taking us is frightening, and the Q&A session at the end was also very thought provoking. The possibility of the emergence of this evolving capitalism system imprisoning us all and segregating further the wealthy oligarch's in their virtual sky kingdoms, oblivious of even then own wealth and profit, while the proletariat become even more enshrined in an automated economic system with no means of recourse is something we should be concerned about.

Socioeconomics is the primary political concern and existential risk, and we must not shy away from our responsibilities to ensure worse case scenarios do not become reality.
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