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Nigeria Criminalizes Gay Marriage

The Nigerian Senate recently passed a bill criminalizing gay marriage.

In Nigeria you have the same sort of remote teleology as with America's rubes. In America the reasoning on Roe v Wade is this:

"if we overturn Roe v Wade, such will lead to a more virtuous America",

when the change to ethics of striking down Roe v Wade would be nil
-- if only it were so simple. Gay discrimination is similar for them:

"if we ban gay marriage, it will lead to a heterosexual cleansing of America."

But it wont, no more than Cromwell, as a random example, could arrange 365 years ago. Parents do have the 'right' (prerogative) to bring up their children hetero-preferencing, even homophobic if they want, because parents more or less own their children; that is something which must be taken on board.
Nothing can be done about such.
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