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Humans Need Not Apply (Mechanical Minds Will do Your Job)
Smart Software Bots   Aug 14, 2014   CGP Grey  

The story of replacing human labor with “mechanical minds.” How many jobs will be lost? Are you contributing to the extinction of your own job?

Which professions will be safe? All? A few? None?

you decide… (or is that an option?)

What do you think?

Are any jobs safe? I don't think so. But I'm not convinced that we're going to care. So what if 45% of the eligible workers are unemployable in another decade or two?

A job serves 2 goals: 1) provides a livelihood (paycheck) and 2) provides a sense of purpose. If the first issue can be addressed through some social protection program like a minimum life-wage, the 2nd issue can be addressed by, what else, but computers, of course.

If the bots are going to take over the real economy, I think the most likely outcome is that humans migrate en masse to the virtual economy. Already, millions of people have "checked out" of their day jobs, choosing to devote themselves to online games or activities like Facebook, pornography, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, FIFA, Farmville, blogging, [insert favorite online obsession here]. For such people, their online pursuit is what defines them; their job is just a way to pay their Wi-Fi bill.

Online activities are not mere diversions. People can compete and collaborate across a limitless range of games, hobbies, vices and endeavors from SETI searching to political dust-ups to regular ol' hack-and-slash dungeon crawlers and shoot 'em ups. And unlike brick and mortar jobs, virtual jobs are inexhaustible; we can be sure they will never run out. All applicants are accepted, no interview necessary. And besides, they're a lot more fun on the whole. When was the last time you "leveled up" at work?

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