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Finland’s Revolutionary Education System
Cenk Uygur   Nov 3, 2012   TYT Network  

“Finland’s educational system. Fascinating thing about three decades ago Finland has an educational system that is doing terribly and they look around and they go okay what are we going to do about this, we gotta revamp the whole thing.” Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss the revolutionary educational system Finland has instituted and the results of that system on the education of their children.” - TYT

No surprise here. Finland is an advanced nation with a population of less than six million. You know why Scandinavia evolved like this since '45?: almost certainly because during the war they were spooked and did everything they could, given the circumstances, to change. It took the largest war ever to prompt a revamping including education. But I really think America can only do business, which they do well-- too well: it doesn't appear America or any other such large, diverse (large + diverse = overheated, crime-infested) nation can do what small relatively civilised nations can do. Emphasis on the relatively because as you know the problems in America exist in Scandinavia and other modern nations in Europe-- in northwestern Europe-- on a smaller scale.

Here's the rub: if one complains about political gridlock, it apparently not only doesn't help but also can exacerbate things-- and to cap it, if you want to change things, really change things, then you are rocking the boat. Double-bind is what it is.
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