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Primer on Nuclear Fusion and Photos from the People’s Climate March (Sep, 21, 2014)

IEET Managing Director, Kris Notaro joined in on the “Scientists Bloc” at the People’s Climate March in New York City where Nuclear Fusion as an energy source was a popular topic. Below are some photos taken by Kris at the march (September 21, 2014) that drew more then 350,000 people in support of clean energy and radical political reform against global warming / climate change. 

Primer on Nuclear Fusion by RT:



Fusion produces radiation (Gama?)that kills . Five minutes after the reaction starts (if it ever starts )all of the equipment will become radioactive . and if it breaks down and needs repair. It will need robotics to make the repairs and the robotics will become radioactive , when the the robots break down the radioactive scrap pile will start to grow larger and larger. Remember a quote about fusion "If it works where are all the dead grad students"
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