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Christians Should Embrace Transhumanism - Four Reasons Why
Agbolade Omowole   Aug 17, 2015   Ethical Technology  

The Anti-Christ, the Mark of the Beast, and 666 all refer to a point in time when Christians will supposedly ascend to heaven and those left behind will be tortured by the “Beast.” What is this Beast they fear?

Many Christians define whatever their brain cannot comprehend as a likely “Mark of the Beast.” That is why microchip implants, radical life extension, and transhumanism itself, are often viewed by Christians as the Mark of the Beast.  Some Christians also believe the beast will be a cyborg, half human and half robot. Some say Dmitry Itskov’s 2045
Immortality project will lead to the Mark of the Beast.

These fears are unjustified. I believe Christians should embrace Transhumanism.

According to Christian scriptures, God created the earth and everything there in the first five days of creation, including the animals, fishes, rivers, heaven, earth and firmament among others. Then God created man on the 6th day and told man to ‘be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth, and subdue it and have authority over ...’

Clearly, the “Christian God” created man to have dominion over everything He created including the sun, the stars, the planets and the galaxies. God created man not just to maintain what he created, but to improve humanity, to make humans better, faster and their lives easier. Humans were created to control and determine the future of animals, humanity and the universe.

Human brains allow them to be in charge of everything that exists in the physical realm. There are no limitations to this control. It is believed that whatever the mind of a man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. With brains, humans can become “gods” -creating whatever they need in their lives. One powerful creation of humans is the personal computer and its exponential increasing ability which has helped to make us live better lives.

With our brain-child, technology, scientists of all religions have made miracles accessible to everybody. We now have bionic eye implants which is akin to Jesus’ healing the blind. Technological developments will make the lame walk, the blind see, and humans live in abundance. Science, engineering and technology will provide us with unlimited future prospects.

The Christian God gave a brain to humans so that He could rest. The Christian God knows that with our brains, we can improve the face of the earth using the raw materials available. If humans complain about suffering, wars, battles, and natural disasters, the solution lies in using their brain effectively to create solutions.

Christianity has benefited enormously from technology - from the use of ipads by pastors, to Bible mobile apps, to uploading sermons on youtube, to building a Facebook fan page for churches, to trending on twitter and praying for others online. Technology is making things better, easier and faster for Christians and I believe future technologies including genetics, nanotechnology and robotics will further aid the Christian faith.

Transhumanism has been referred to as “the world’s most dangerous idea” - why should Christians embrace this technology? Here are my four reasons:

Love: The main tenet of the Christian faith is love. Transhumanism is a technology that can drastically reduce world poverty. I’m from the poorest region of the world - West Africa, and I see how people suffer to eat. Some families eat only once daily. Some live in buinfested beds, have no jobs, have no access to clean water and have unstable electricity. God will not descend from heaven to solve these problems. If Christians believe in the abolition of suffering then transhumanism is potent to achieve that. Transhumanists like David Pearce are working on the abolition of suffering to make humanity better.  Christians believe in giving to the poor personally. That approach is linear. An exponential approach to that is using technology to reduce suffering globally by providing food, clothing and shelter available to all through 3D printing.

Human enhancement: Technological power increases exponentially whereas improvement in our biology is linear and very slow. If exponential technologies are merged with the linear human biology, humans can become super intelligent and provide more solutions to world problems.  If Christians believe in the betterment of humanity and in making the world a better place than one finds it, then Christians should embrace transhumanism. Some Christians refer to microchip implants as the Mark of the Beast but the essence of integrating biology with technology is to improve efficiency and effectiveness of humans.

Longevity: Transhumanist Aubrey de Grey believes the first person to live for 1000 years is already born. According to Christian scripture, Methuselah lived for 969 years - the oldest human ever according to the Christian faith. But God created humans to improve creation; can we build technologies that will make humans live longer than Methuselah? Studying the cause of aging and diseases is a quantum leap forward. Research by organizations such as the SENS Foundation are making headway and have increased the life span of mice by 30 percent. When it’s possible to live longer, humans will live happily with others and in harmony with with their creator.

Robots Everywhere: Robots will help humans live a more productive life. They will work in farms, diagnose diseases, become house maids, provide emotional support for the old, and make financial predictions. Already robots work in hotels as receptionists in Japan, they can build a house in 2 weeks in China and have been sent to space to deliver payloads. In the upcoming Technological Singularity when robots become super intelligent, they will help solve many of our problems. I think this is in line with “dominating the earth” which is God’s command to humans according to the Christian scripture, the Bible. Robots and artificial intelligence will also erase almost every known job in the future, providing humans with more time to focus on their spirituality and connection with their Creator.

Agbolade Omowole is an ace technology researcher and human capital development expert. He lives in Nigeria.


There is a growing group of Christian Transhumanists also making these constructive connections from the bible to technology seeing its healing and growth potential for mankind. I think that effort is necessary to meet our shared goals.

Good point, J.M. Ledford. Moreover, a common goal(s) something way out there, like defining theoretically, scientifically, How, an afterlife might get constructed, via, physics and computation, might give Transhumanism a real boost. Why? Well if done by scientific method, it would kick out something we all need, atheist, or religious persons, a way to beat extinction.

On his own website, I ran a similar idea past an IEET member to consider seeing if the Pope, this pope, might be in favor of a Transhumanist means to an afterlife? Far fetched and yet, if the methodology is soundly based, this idea becomes marketable, as in a good fit for almost every faith, and for every rationalist atheist.

Please, remember, one of the big ideas guys, professor Frank Tipler, is a Christian with a capital C! One, doesn’t have to agree with his premises to acknowledge the logic of his ideas.

Great article, Agbolade

Good article!

Are you familiar with the Christian Transhumanist Association?

@spud100 - I think our ideas in their raw form might be too much to swallow even for this Pope. However, what the Pope thinks doesn’t matter that much - the Church is a powerful global corporation, they are in it for the money.

Pasting some excerpts from our discussion on the Turing Church site:

I would not be against “the Papacy to endorse Cosmism-Digital Philosophy, as a basis for Christianity,” but they will never do that.

It would be like Microsoft endorsing iOS as a basis for Windows phones.

Don’t forget that organized religion (just like organized politics and organized everything) is all about power, not about what is right or good.

I agree that the Church (specifically the Roman Catholic Church) might embrace some of our ideas someday, but in centuries, not years. Don’t forget that the same Church has waited centuries to “rehabilitate” Galileo (and still hasn’t honestly admitted and apologized for its crimes of those times).

So if history is any guide (and it usually is) the Church will only embrace our ideas when almost everyone does. In the meantime, they will continue to do as a company that continues to sell obsolete products and services because its customers are still buying them, and lobby to kill newcomers with better products/services.

That is a perfectly sound business strategy, and there are no reasons to abandon it as long as the customers continue to buy.

Therefore I place more hopes in the emergence of alternative religions that might become popular.


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