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How Language Transformed Humanity
Mark Pagel   Aug 9, 2011  

Biologist Mark Pagel shares an intriguing theory about why humans evolved our complex system of language. He suggests that language is a piece of “social technology” that allowed early human tribes to access a powerful new tool: cooperation.

"...natural selection devised..."
"...language are genes talking, getting things they want..."
"...language evolved to solve the crisis of visual theft..."

My biology teacher taught us to be on the lookout for people describing genes and evolution as if they had intent. He reminded us, "genes don't want anything, evolution doesn't have goals." Otherwise, it was an interesting speech.

Frank, you have raised a very interesting point that I didn't think about before.

But "something" had to have a goal or else life, when it first emerged, would not have bothered to struggle to survive and it was a great struggle.
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