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IEET Readers Want Immortality
May 30, 2012  

In a recent survey, 63.43% of IEET readers claimed that they wanted to live for eternity.

An additional 7.87% wanted to survive a mere 1,000 years, with 7.41% choosing demise at 500 years and 3.7% electing to end-it-all at 200 years.

How many IEET readers want to live only a “normal” lifespan, of 80-100 years? That category, perhaps surprisingly, placed second overall with 17.59%.


If I cant be shore what would I be thinking in 2 years or less time, imagine in 100. At the moment I am looking forward for the evolution of the human race, and depending of my future objectives, hormone manipulation, DNA enginering, inteligence upgrade, etc… I think would be beiond our comprehention if we wanna to live indefinitely or not, as we dont know nothink about what is gonna be like it or how.

How many readers voted in this poll?

216 readers voted in this poll

I like the anime-ish icon you picked for the thumbnail on the front page!!!!!!  Can you post that somewhere and link me to it?  😊

I was amazed at last year’s TEDx Brussels when a hand count revealed that only quite a small minority wanted to live forever, and as far as I recall 70 was even more popular than 150. Apparently the death cult is alive and well.

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