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John Danaher is Top 2015 IEET Writer; Technoprogressivism is Top SubCategory
Dec 1, 2015  

IEET Affiliate Scholar John Danaher was IEET’s top writer for 2015. His philosophical articles garnered a total of 209,541 hits.

Other top-producing writers were Managing Editor Hank Pellissier (167,288 hits), Affiliate Scholar John Messerly (163,398 hits), Advisory Board Member Gray Scott (150,453 hits) and Valerie Tarico (127,430 hits).

Technoprogressivism was IEET’s top sub-category in 2015, earning 911,409 hits.

Categories following close behind were Innovation (856,298), Health (850,104), Philosophy (655,702), Psychology (646,057), Futurism (643,262), and Artificial Intelligence (610,853).

2015 was a stellar year as IEET reached its largest audience in four years. It’s ranking places it in the Top 10 in USA think tanks, even though our budget is minuscule compared to competitors.

This month (December) IEET will be reposting its Top 30 articles of the year.

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