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Hank Pellissier returns to IEET as Fundraiser & Interim Managing Director
May 20, 2015  

We are pleased to announce that IEET Affiliate Scholar Hank Pellissier is returning to the staff as IEET Interim Managing Director and Fundraiser. Hank was Managing Director from 2011-2012. The 2012-2015 Managing Director, Kris Notaro, who continued Hank’s work and helped recruit more than a hundred additional IEET writers, will begin directing the Rights of the Person Program, focusing on issues of consciousness and personhood.

Hank brought in more than sixty contributors when he held the position previously, wrote numerous popular articles, and implemented the IEET’s “Buddhist Right Speech” policy. His work boosted the IEET’s web rankings to #5 among USA think tanks.

In the two and half years since he left IEET, Pellissier established three websites -,, and - and produced nine transhumanist conferences in Washington D.C., San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, and San Jose, many of which the IEET co-sponsored.

His main passion is fundraising for “Transhumanitarian” charity causes in Uganda and The Philippines, where he has established six clinics, de-wormed 600+ children, and supported multiple schools, science centers, and orphanages, including BiZoHa, the “world’s first atheist orphanage.”

Pellissier’s central focusy at the IEET will be to generate funds for its continued operation. Last year he raised $37,000 for charity causes, 50% through platforms like GoFundMe and Indiegogo, and 50% by soliciting individuals. He hopes this experience can help promote IEET to the next level.

His goals for the next six months are to 1) boost the IEET to a new level of fundraising, 2) expand the IEET’s audience, 3) build the IEET community of writers, 4) promote the IEET’s “African Futures Project”, and 5) advance the technoprogressive ideas of the IEET.

You can help him achieve the First Goal. Just click HERE and make a donation. Don’t forget to order your free e-book! If you have any sure-fire fundraising ideas, let him know at

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