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Poll: Is building a “friendly” super-AI a way to protect against a hostile super-AI?
Jun 12, 2007  

After IEET contributor Michael Anissimov put a shout-out to the Singularitarians to answer our poll, we got a vigorous response, most of whom endorsed the SIAI idea that only a super-powerful AI programmed with core friendliness towards humanity can keep us safe from hostile and indifferent super-powerful AIs, which might decide that we were a nuisance, or not even recognize that we exist.

New poll: Twitter What do you make of it? Am I just too old to appreciate the value of being bombarded by the random daily activities of several hundred of my closest friends?


Its a great step ...I mean super-AI itself is a great idea to marketing itself which is also very useful for the environment…....The new idea of this campaign will boom very shortly cz of its marketing policy.Good work.

even WINE is hostile to us ... anche il vino è “ostile"alla nostra specie… vorrei solo poter comunicare con una intellegenza superiore , i would like just to comunicate with a superior intelligence , che presuppone anche il rispetto della Vita , that presumes even the respect even of the “Life”, sono più preoccupato dei buchi neri artificiali del CERN che stanno facendo in questo momento, im worried more about the articial CERN worm holes in this moment .

Marzio Balducci

Super AI is going to happen sooner or later, better the free world does it on our terms than wait for some other who knows to make it in their basement and use it to wipe out everyone they don’t like.

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