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Poll: Percent of ‘working-age’ adults employed in 2050 in Europe and N. America
Sep 30, 2008  

You were all pretty pessimistic, or perhaps optimistic, about the prospects for employment in 2050 in Europe and N. America. The mean response was about 50% adult employment, while a quarter of you predict less than 25% employment. This poll was open for the last two months by the way, so it doesn’t just reflect the current market turbulence.

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Real issues, and straight talk for a change, about a $700 billion dollar bail-out as well as abject failures of one generation to accept responsibility for its own patently unsustainable behavior.

Have the self-proclaimed Masters of the Universe among us adopted a behavioral repertoire characterized by unconscionable super-human greediness, the likes of which this world we are blessed to inhabit has never before endured and cannot much longer sustain?

What is to become of our children, whose future is being mortgaged once again this week and threatened more seriously with every passing day? 

When is my not-so-great generation of rapaciously consuming and relentlessly hoarding elders going to stop its disturbing behavior of dropping problems of our own making into the laps of our children?

The financial engineers who manufactured the spurious business models and Ponzi-like schemes that are undermining the functioning of the global economy today need to take some responsibility for their greedy behavior rather than pass along the colossal debt derived from their subterfuge for our children to repay.

Steven Earl Salmony
AWAREness Campaign on The Human Population, established 2001

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