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Cosmopolitans Outnumber Anarchists Three to One
Sep 22, 2009  

In a recently concluded poll of IEET readers, 60% favor some form of global governance, while 20% prefer anarchism, a “complete elimination of the state.”

Only 6% are happy with the status quo, and 8% favor strong nationalism.

The poll question was: Are you in favor of global governance?

Click on the poll results above to see additional suggestions and comments.


If this reflects free humanity then this is bollocks

This is a disappointing poll in that it highlights the ideological fractures pervasive throughout society. Nevertheless, I do believe that if we as a species are ever going to secure a future for our descendents, then moving towards a ‘benign’ global government will most likely be the key.
The problem is the seeking to realize the idea of global government too soon, as throughout the world ideologies are simply too divisive, and if you force the issue, which it seems is unfolding, then resistance - even from within one’s own population is going to ensue.
There is already concern (rightly so) of corporate globalism raging rampant over the individual’s sovereign rights simply for profit and control, and if we are not mindful of the corporate march, then we will all find ourselves becoming nothing more than worker drones in a global hive.
We must first find a way to resolve our ideological differences before we attempt to move towards a form of global brotherhood. If we are not allowed to freely choose to align our own mindsets with those of others, then chaos will be the only result.

I don’t believe a word of these polls, loads of crap.

Who in his right mind would want a world government?

Yep, bollocks indeed.
Global despotism is, in no way, cosmopolitan.
True cosmopolitanism, ie: everyone should have the same rights, is actually desirable, but government is absolutely not. Government, if it is to be defined as it exists today, is the complete hypocrisy in legality.

Moral and legal reciprocity is desirable, therefore, ‘anarchy’ if you will, is desirable.


We certainly don’t want a centralised power

We don’t need world government, I don’t trust human beings, once the world government is in place “Tyranny” will start, dictatorship, concentration camps are being built, why do you think they are doing this?

Why do you think we have EU, NAE, UA, they are uniting countries into big blocks and then unite the big blocks it’s easier that way.

One banking system, cashless society, so they can have total control, and more and more will follow, total domination.

World government is the last thing we want.

Some of these comments border on paranoid conspiracy territory. And, I DO think people ought to think more about the relationship between government and rights, since (IMO) rights only exist when they’re defined in law and enforced by government. Anything else is wishful thinking or assertion.
Government might not be the best solution to every problem, but to some problems it is. And, a single, world-based system seems to be the only way to fairly secure some fundamental rights.

@ Mike

A world-based system may not be the only way, yet it may prove to be the best way for the future of global unification, (in ideals, ethics, knowledge, education and trade etc). It may be an opportunity to take all the best ideas and ideals from around the world and use them for the betterment of the whole world, (and not ALL the best ideas necessarily have their origins in western democratic cultures).

And we don’t necessarily have to dispense with national sovereignty either, (which I believe would be an impossible model in present times). In fact rather than enforce totalitarian global governance, it would be a far stronger system if nations were to cooperate and participate because not only do they need to, but they want to?

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