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IEET Readers Pick Europe, With Outer Space Close Second
Dec 29, 2009  

When asked in a recently concluded poll, where they would choose to live if they had to leave their current nation of residence, IEET readers made Europe their top choice, at 19%, but outer space was just behind, at 18%.

Japan and New Zealand also placed strongly, with 11% and 10% of the votes.


Other answers given included:

• Fiji (2 votes)
• South Korea
• Finland
• Siberia
• Cambodia
• Italy
• Telos
• Virtual world
• Brasil
• Moon
• Iran
• Singapore
• Dubai
• Philippines
• Antarctica


Living in Europe is much the same as living in outer space… diverse cultures, diverse languages… and no one can understand you when you shout and ask for directions.

If you send a postcard it normally arrives a month after you’ve arrived home. (for more info. checkout National Lampoon’s European vacation - based on a true story).

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