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Will future tech produce less equality or more?
Aug 4, 2011  

Asked this question in a recently concluded poll, IEET readers could not agree on an answer. Close to 30% said Less, close to 30% said More, and about the same amount said Neither.

Will transformative new technologies — genetics, robotics, AI, nanotech, etc. — lead to MORE equality among humans, or LESS equality?


Here are some of the “Other” answers that were submitted:

  • Transhumanism will be outlawed so it matters little.
  • Neither, because they are all just tools for people who are either smart or dumb.
  • They may lead toward equality and less fighting each other over our planet resources.
  • I hope everybody will have enough to eat and a decent place to live.
  • This depends on the success of social struggle in the coming decades.
  • More, because an AI singleton will enforce it.
  • Arrogance and exploitation will always be factors.
  • First more, then less.
  • It depends on the process and people behind it.


Future tech will be disseminated by those in power - and not for them to become less powerful.

The JASONs are very concerned about the public being able to enhance their minds using technology - they see it as a threat to power structures;


Some like to believe that technology will spring up and cause an overthrow of power structures by allowing the masses to become more powerful. Yet the decks are being stacked in the opposite direction by the military industrial complex (and those who control it) - which is the true enemy of Transhumanism (not technical hurdles).

A half-truth, Sean; the whole truth is less ‘Marxist’, more complicated.
But there’s no purpose in going into a laundry list of what is wrong.

...BTW, China gave some good advice today:
“International supervision over the issue of U.S. dollars should be introduced and a new, stable and secured global reserve currency may also be an option to avert a catastrophe caused by any single country,” Xinhua said.

Interesting, I don’t meet too many people who are interested in JASON/JDAG.  😊

There’s one very powerful force that it seems Hegemons never account for: Chaos.

This is the power of exponentially growing communication and social media networks, cellphones, Twitter, Facebook.

They just can’t seem to wrap their minds around rapidly evolving, emergent systems for some reason.

It may have to do with the way their brains become hardwired, or calcified, from the success they gained using the methods of the previous paradigm.

I have noticed a trend in that everyone I talk to who managed to eke out success from the structure of the most recent paradigm are the most vocal supporters of it, and the most resistant to adoption of a new paradigm. Actually, that seems like a no brainer, and yet people are strangely in denial.

It’s the people who are the most disenfranchised that tend to adopt the next paradigm the most quickly.

And so the new overthrows the old.

Humans are unique, in that we can model this very trend over time, so you’d think the older generations would recognize this. And some do. There are of course many papers written about it, and many researchers looking at exactly this.

And yet, those who leveraged the previous paradigm still refuse to look change square in the face. Maybe this is a good thing, as it ensures we’ll be able to shed the stagnant paradigm, but it sure creates a lot of pain and suffering during the transitions.

The future will be open sourced. The level of suffering humanity endures is directly proportional to how long it takes us to transition to a super-abundant open sourced economy.

The technology, resources, and capital already exist to convert global civilization to this new model, the only we lack is understanding on a massive scale.

That is all changing, as social media and the internet continue to accelerate the exchange of ideas across nations.

Israel’s are protesting now. Soon, Americans will follow.

My word of advice for the Hegemons: help us build a super-abundant society, or run as far as you can (I’d suggest the Moon, or Mars - the underground bases are not far enough) - the people are sharpening their guillotines.

Good comment! all I have to add, have been saying all along, is: members of all classes want to be hegemons; Hitler wanted to be one a century ago when he was living in a homeless shelter in Vienna.
If only it were as simple as ‘the ruling class’.

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Who do you think is behind facebook, twitter, and google? yes the government and they are talking about restricting the internet, then what will you do? ham radios?

of course Transhumanists want to believe that they will be able to overthrow the government who doesn’t want them to ascend - just like many believe they will live forever and be uploaded into a machine.

Transhumanist aren’t doing too well as it stands. The military industrial complex has all the tools, resources, knowledge, discipline, and the Transhumanist movement has social networking which doesn’t attract many people.

Post post you’re obviously trying to be an annoyance with your china post - why don’t you post your real name and step up to reality?

I’ve heard of government programs whereby agents post nonsensical and distracting replies in order to derail debate that is anti-governemnt.

Is this the powerful Transhumanist movement that is going to overthrow the elite of the future?

post-post writes: “all I have to add, have been saying all along, is: members of all classes want to be hegemons; “

It’s easy to claim that there are pro-hegemon folks among every class. Too easy. A more challenging claim would be to say that everyone is pro-hegemon.

Not quite everyone; there are anomalies. The main point is violence has diminished in, say, the last century, no wars such as WWI & WWII since ‘45. However the urge for power has not. They are not going to give up because they know the majority want power as much as they do. What do you get when you have power? you gain the ability to tell others what to do but they can’t tell you what to do—that’s why so many bums in the street want power. Why you do think guys join the Cosa Nostra and lesser gangs? for the money and swag? yes, but more for power; when you have merely money you can’t always harm others, but with power you can. A mafioso can do what he wants to others within ‘reason’; if he is careful.
What I want is the same good discussions on nonscience topics as with science. The h+ topics I’ve known of in the last 22 years have been constantly informative; the nonscience discussions have been obfuscation—especially from rightwing libertarians (because they secretly want their loved ones on the govt. gravy train). No need for dreary detail.
BTW, I wont reveal my real name because I don’t trust anyone anymore, as there may no longer be any reason to; dislocation means shattered loyalties, etc.
Do you want more tedious detail, Sean? we can go on and on with the same pro forma discussions.

” It’s easy to claim that there are pro-hegemon folks among every class. Too easy. A more challenging claim would be to say that everyone is pro-hegemon.”

Here’s a concise way to express it: the majority of guys in the street don’t merely want power, they want to be dictators. The majority want to kill and or torture and or rape.

One more comment for today, Sunday, and others can respond.
You want to know a little about me, Sean? okay, I always wanted to be futurist because of having grown up during the Gemini- Apollo era. It was inspiring, three dimensional. Unfortunately, soft futurism—nonscience—appeared, as I got an idea of what the deal is, one-dimensional.
Wont bore you with details.
Nothing wrong with statistics, but one has to constantly observe the larger world to fully grasp the situations. IMO too many old-fashioned progressives are deplorably out-of-touch with what is transpiring—and rightists use that flaw to press their advantages. In a few hours I’m going to volunteer at a soup kitchen—the ‘patrons’ are the worst people I’ve ever met, hopeless; exacerbated in every way. The collective behavior is negative-reinforced to the max, to such a point there is no way the ruling classes can be held entirely culpable. And this city is one of the better middle class cities—conditions are far worse in numerous other locales. So merely discussing Facebook, Twitter, and hegemons, etc, doesn’t cut it.
IEET members know ideology died with Communism, yet as lingua franca, from being habituated, inertia, and a supposed continuity, we hang on to anarchism, libertarianism, socialism, religion, all the rest of it. If some like or need ideology, no argument. But I have had enough. If only the political mausoleum could be shut down.

“I wont reveal my real name…  ... the majority of guys in the street don’t merely want power, they want to be dictators. The majority want to kill and or torture and or rape. “

I respect your right to privacy, but I sure wish I knew what street you lived on, because I for sure want to avoid it.

Veronica, the ‘street’ is a euphemism. Now, if you do not know what I have been writing about you would have to actually go out to observe the situation; you cannot observe it on the web without a remote surveillance device. And you would have to (if you were so inclined) observe the situation in depth—not in the superficial way that so many intellectuals do.
What I am most tired of in the intellectual community—if it is a community—is the retaining of outmoded ideology: 19th century anarchism and Marxism, 20th century libertarianism, and so forth. I ‘accept’ them, but if acceptance is not the accurate word, then tolerate, coexist with, reach a modus vivendi, will do.
“I accept chaos, I just hope chaos accepts me”
—Bob Dylan

I am sad about this because I truly believe this to be untrue.

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