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IEET Readers Want Obama to Grant Edward Snowden Amnesty
Feb 16, 2014  

We asked “Should the Obama administration grant amnesty to Edward Snowden?”  Of the 144 of you who answered the vast majority (83%) were for the Obama administration granting Edward Snowden amnesty on the grounds that his actions were “legitimate whistle-blowing on government crimes.”

Seventeen percent gave more intelligence-gathering friendly answers that amnesty who be prudent to reduce the harms of Snowden’s leaks, or that amnesty for leakers is simply unacceptable.


Our poll this week is on whether artificial general intelligence or human brain uploads are more dangerous to human beings.


I think there may be a way to reform how the government shares data with the public and how whistleblowers manage the release of data. I hope to publish more on IEET about this soon.

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