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IEET Audience Favors Legalizing Plural Marriage
Aug 9, 2015  

Now that the U.S., and other countries, have legalized gay marriage, we asked “Should polygamy, polyandry and plural marriage also be legalized?” The Right has long used the argument that the logic for permitting gay marriage would apply equally to plural marriage, and some of us in favor of gay marriage have long agreed. Of the 129 respondents to the IEET poll, the IEET audience favored legalizing plural marriage by an almost 3-to-1 majority.

Our new poll is “Is there free will?”


And the ‘science’ behind this?  Animal husbandry?

TV programming aside, and even then, there is no indication that polygamy or multiple anything is a benefit to human existence. Were it so the porn industry would be running academies and ruling the nation.  For this about sexual variety and isn’t about reproduction and nurturing the young, is it?

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