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Giulio Prisco will discuss The Singularity, at conference in Madrid
Sep 14, 2012  

IEET Director Giulio Prisco will deliver a lecture titled, “A Spectre is Haunting the World: Is the Singularity Near?” at a conference titled, “The Voice of Science” on September 22 in Madrid.

The conference is on the premises of Fundación Telefónica and the Royal Botanical Garden. Themes it addresses include CYBORG, NBIC, nanotechnology and health, the Singularity, women in science, social networks, and the Author 2.0.

For more information about the event, CLICK HERE


Update comprehension of universe singularity…:

All The Mass Of The Universe Formed At The Pre-Big-Bang Singularity

The universe is a two-poles entity, an all-mass and an all-energy poles.

The elementary particle of the universe is the graviton. The gravitons are compacted into the universal inert singularity mass only for the smallest fraction of a second, when all the gravitons of the universe are compacted together, with zero distance between all of them. This state is mandated by their small size and by their hence weak force.

The big bang is the shattering of the short-lived singularity mass into fragments that later became galactic clusters. This is inflation. The shattering is the start of movement of the shatters i.e. the start of reconversion of mass into energy, which is mass in motion. This reconversion proceeds at a constant rate since the big bang since the resolution of gravitons, their release from their shatters-clusters, proceeds at constant rate due to their weak specific force due to their small size.

Dov Henis (comments from 22nd century)

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