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What is a Psychopath?

Frank Ochberg explains what a psychopath is and why they do not get upset or excited about seeing the pain of others. It is potentially deadly to go through life pretending that these people do not exist.

mtraven, there are many features cmomon to us. Over time some of them will change. I mentioned changes that have come with modernity, so now I'll get more specific. Humans are not born with an instinct for written language. We have to deliberately instill that. In most cases we instinctively use what Daniel Kahneman calls Type 1 thinking , which comes the most naturally to us. But just as with writing we deliberately train to use Type 2 thinking in certain situations. Use of that thinking style is often used to override cognitive biases that are parts of our normal thinking. Are we not human when we do so? I really don't see why our far higher weighting of the 9/11 deaths compared to all the other ones that afflict us (including our responses to 9/11) has some special claim on preservation when we have altered ourselves repeatedly and repaed benefits. Hanson's point (as I read it) wasn't that they are close to us on the social graph . If you lost someone personally close, there's no argument that you shouldn't find that more important than those who don't know (such as aliens outside your light-cone). But there are many people as close or closer to today's mourners who died for other reasons that aren't remembered, and our failure to appropriately weight those deaths can make it less likely that we prevent such deaths.James A. Donald, got any numbers on that expansion? I have heard what occurred in the Ivory Coast, it reportedly had one of the highest immigration rates in the world. Controlling immigration is all that's necessary, and that doesn't require spending the ridiculous sums that we have.Hopefully Anonymous, yes we'd need some criteria to evaluate whether the changes were actually good. Your Burke/Oakeshott mention indicates you have a weak presumption against change. I was making the point that it is not merely privacy but a host of legal changes that occurred, and we still don't know the full impact.nyc561, Hanson was arguing that our response to 9/11 did not constitute progress . He didn't give much indication, but I doubt his advice on our reaction should have been is just tolerate it .Matt Knowles, the comparison was not many injuries vs one death. It was a large number of deaths from various causes vs a smaller number caused by terrorists.
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