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Psymposia - Beyond the War on Drugs
Apr 17, 2015  


Join Psymposia on April 17-19 for our 2015 psychoactive conference

with keynote speakers Earth & Fire Erowid

along with Chris Kilham & Katherine MacLean

at UMass Amherst’s brand new Integrated Learning Center or watch the live stream.

We ask our speakers, “What would the world look like without a drug war?”

We encourage questions from the audience and our host Lex Pelger will pass on the ones posted by our online viewers. Psymposia hopes to foster community by filling the lobby with tables of art, vendors, drug organizations and new people to meet.

Presenters include:

Earth & Fire,
Chris Kilham, Ayahuasca Test Pilots
Dorion Sagan, Taking Drugs Seriously
Neşe Devenot, Coming Out of the Psychedelic Closet
Dimitri Mugianis A Conversation on Ibogaine & Harm Reduction
Katherine MacLean The Psychedelic Art of Dying
Jeremy Wolff How Cannabis Reflects the Future
Kilindi Iyi Psilocybin For the People
Oliver Williams To Breathe Or Not To Breathe, a talk on Holotropic Breathwork
Richard Doyle Ecodelics

...and many more!

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