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Beyond Humanism: Becoming Cyborgs through Posthumanism by Gavin Rae - Pt1

Gavin Rae is assistant professor in the Department of Philosophy at The American University of Cairo. The general orientation of his research, broadly understood, focuses on the question of human being as this has been thought throughout the history of post-Kantian philosophy. To this end, his research engages with how different thinkers within the traditions of German Idealism, phenomenology, existentialism, critical theory, and twentieth-century French philosophy have understood a range of existential issues including alienation, evil, madness, thinking, self-identity, freedom, and the human being’s relationship to thought, technology, religion, and aesthetics. The aim of these encounters is to delineate what, if anything, these thinkers still have to say to us today on these issues, as a precursor to re-thinking these issues and the question of human being in general.



Interesting profile pic of the author.
Seems here that Gavin Rae has found Transhumanism insufficient and so has progressed directly to Posthumanism, yet somehow this seems unwise? Attempting to sell technological progress and transformation, (especially in conservative countries like Egypt), without referencing trans-humanism may be confusing for some, and at worst defeating?

Terminology is important, and nowhere here is the mention of the techno-progressive or nuanced trans-humanism, and especially with emphasis on sociocultural change, social justice, end to disease and longevity associated more accurately with these terms?

It is far too early and misleading to talk and sell the Posthuman, whatever that may be, I know not?
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