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Our Reborn Future in Space
David Brin   May 17, 2012   cab801's channel  

Mining Asteroids! Has the future finally arrived? Is this B.S. or not B.S.? Scientist and Sci-Fi author David Brin breaks down the idea into its fascinating ideas, taking a look at how Planetary Resources is planning to obtain metals and fuel by mining asteroids.

I don't know if you heard already, but there is also an ambitious (and remarkably well thought out) plan to build a actual working U.S.S. Enterprise within the next twenty years. Though the first generation (or Gen 1 as it is called) won't be able to travel at the speed of light, it's ion powered engines would allow it to travel across our solar system as a spaceship/space station/spaceport. More details can be found here ( It may be a good topic to post on this site.
you make a very good point about how exponential models tend to end up in the S shape plateau. Unfortunately, I don't think that some of the readers for the IEET believe that could be the case for Moore's Law, which is a primary component for the singularity.
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