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Large Majority of IEET Readers are Atheists / Agnostics
Jun 3, 2012  

A recent survey revealed that 70.66% of IEET readers were either
atheist (59.88%) or agnostic (10.78%).

The remaining 29.34% religionists were divided between Christian (10.78%), Buddhist (3.59%), Muslim (3.59%), Cosmist (1.8%), Jewish (1.2%), and Mormon (1.2%).

An additional 7.19% reported that they adhered to other belief systems; PanPsychism and Raelism were mentioned.

Atheism and Religion have produced many controversial and popular essays at IEET. Here’s a few:

Do Christians Need Bodies? podcast with Brent Waters 5,626 hits   6 comments
Atheists are the Most Generous - even without heavenly reward by Hank Pellissier 17,316 hits 151 comments
Why Humanists Need to Make the Shift to Post-Atheism by George Dvorsky 9,276 hits   206 comments
In Praise of Atheism  by Leo Igwe 6,220 hits 110 comments
Religion and Transhumanism by Alex McGilvery 4,416 hits 31 comments
Yes, I Am a Believer by Giulio Prisco 2,390 hits   233 comments
Dynamic Faith in Pancritical Rationalism by Lincoln Cannon 2,180 hits   29 comments

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