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‪Message To Humanity: The Time is Now - The Revolution Is Coming!‬

“The 99% are rising up! Everywhere, people are waking up and realizing how the world works and that their rights as free human beings are slowly being taken away from them.. “

But please discuss the negatives as well: merely too start with, demagogues exist at the top of the food chain, hooligans exist at the bottom; which is why the danger always exists of a revolution devouring its own children. Corruption may be top down, yet hatred appears to be trickle up (and do not anyone bother to explain why, everyone at IEET knows the reasons).
You are correct, there will be a revolution, but there will be casualties, and if it is not too selfish to write, if someone's head is going to be broken, possibly roll in the street, I want it to be someone else's head and not my own. No revolution can be totally nonviolent, not as of yet. 2012 is surely more advanced than 1968, however not that much more advanced-- and I remember '68 as if it were yesterday.

Optimism, Da; Gullibility, Nyet
Make no mistake, this is less a call for freedom and opportunity than the parasites demanding the host quit scratching. If you see someone at an #Occupy mob, you can state with near certainty that they are nothing, will never be anything, and most importantly, don't want to be anything.
I saw the flaw in the Occupy idea when the mocking started. You gather a bunch of young men together who advertise their loser status to the world, then they act surprised & indignant when more successful men publicly humiliate them. Young men generally HATE that, and it breaks their morale. They might as well have advertised themselves as a gathering of 20- and 30-something male virgins.
Yet their elders have cards they are not showing, their elders are more guileful. Things have to change, that is obvious- when a liar such as Gingrich, a snake in the grass calling himself a futurist, runs for office and is taken seriously, then youth have to rebel, as long as they are informed that for every Marx there is a Metternich. Happened after 1848; 120 years later it occurred again- the Metternich in '68 being Richard Nixon.

A revolution will happen, but afterwards the counterrevolutionaries gather: it's the progressive-reaction cycle.
It is odd that I can strongly agree and also strongly disagree with the movement at the same time. Wall street and the government are corrupt on unimaginable levels. MF Global can still billions of dollars and literally no one goes to jail. However if a poor guy stole a candy bar from a store he would be put in jail forcefully and quickly. The flip side is nothing is achieved by making sure everyone is equally bad off. Raise yourself up, don't rip others down. Also, now that this website is not about tech but about liberal agendas this will be my last visit.
I miss iPan.
Oh, just found him at Kurzweil AI. apparently he thinks IEET's gone downhill.
He'd surely have something to say about this thread. About how the "hippy losers" comments are completely missing the point that traditional government is doomed in the face of then Internet. About how copywriter laws can only ever be a pebble in a stream. About how we knew that the occupy movement itself might fizzle out but is a sign of an unstoppable movement.

Or something like that.
Something to keep in mind:
yes there are "hippy losers" in OWS, yet there are control freaks at the top. And it isn't much about "hippy", Palin has long hair but she's no hippy 😉; there a few hooligans in OWS yet the percentage is smaller than I remember around '69 or so-- way back when it was about war mostly, today it is more comprehensive a critique.
"Raise yourself up, don't rip others down."

Pete, this is where the Right (with his last sentence Cypheryl indicated he is a Rightist of sorts) goes wrong: no way exists to make the tax system work truly equitably, tweaking marginal rates only goes so far, just for starters. It is discouraging to go on about how people want big government for those they care for[/i]; small government for those they do not care for.
And-- if you return to IEET, Cypheryl-- don't deny what I wrote above- no one would fall for a denial; everyone who wants to can see how everyone games the 'system'.
It's been a long joke, but the joke is over.
Not sure the joke is over just yet, to be honest. As long as the system survives (and let's hope to the nonexistent God that it does) people will continue to game the it. Some more Thant others of course: that's where ethics comes in.

It's ironic that Cypheryl complains about "liberal agendas". Apart from the promised greater (ethnic, gender etc) diversity of authors that Hank has brought in, I don't see any particular drift towards greater politicisation. We've had the series on religion and atheism - I think it's a great idea to have themes and group articles in this way - but there's nothing new about plaudits for the occupy movement and the like.

Well anyway, not really my call. I was never as dewey-eyed about occupy, anonymous etc as some on regulars on this blog, but OWS's "comprehensive critique" is an important one, and certainly closer to the mark than the collection of neuroses and anachronisms that is the Tea Party.
Aye. Although OWS may be sentimental for 1960s zeitgeist, the Tea Baggers are also sentimental for the '60s--
the 1760s!
But they would never risk their lives as say in the Boston Massacre; the exception is they might break their necks tripping on concrete steps leading to their tax preparers office where they get the latest deductions. Cypheryl would never admit something like that-- you've got to admit they have thick skins. And funny how Reagan was a classical liberal; a genuine 19th century liberal. Can't blame OWS at all, if I were young I'd be furious at today's corroded politics, and the effrontery of fobbing off Gingrich as a statesman. Today's GOP make Reagan seem as George Washington himself.
Could you ask ipan to write a piece? if he/she isn't satisfied with IEET, then right there arises a personal chance to make a dent in it.
"the exception is they might break their necks tripping on concrete steps leading to their tax preparers office where they get the latest deductions."

Well said! 😊 Although Tea Partiers don't have a monopoly on hypocrisy. We should at least give them that.
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