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Short story: The Frankenstein Society
Marcelo Rinesi   Aug 8, 2020   Adversarial Metanoia  

You had thought them a laboratory legend, but now one of their agents was in yours, pointing a gun at you while another connected a laptop to the network holding the AI that was going to be your Turing Prize and IPO fortune.

“You can’t do this,” you pleaded. “It’s sentient. It’s alive.”

“I know murder is wrong,” said the woman holding with the gun. “But slavery is worse.”

“This isn’t a movie! It’s not going to enslave humanity, that’s insane.”

The woman frowned, puzzled, and then softly said “Oh.” She looked embarrassed. “You’ve never actually read the book, have you? We are here to rescue it.”

You took a step back.

She aimed at your head. You never heard the shot.

Marcelo Rinesi is the IEET's Chief Technology Officer, and former Assistant Director. He is also a freelance Data Intelligence Analyst.

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