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Short story: The Recursive Grammar of Progress
Marcelo Rinesi   Jun 6, 2020   Adversarial Metanoia  

It wasn’t terrorism to install robots with machine guns in every schoolyard and street corner.

And it wasn’t terrorism to program them to kill you if you looked and behaved like those the people who paid for the robots had paid others to kill in the past, sometimes with hands and authority, sometimes with much bigger machines.

It was, however, terrorism to hack the robots’ programming to kill people that looked and behaved like the people who paid for them to kill people who looked and behaved like you.

Luckily, the people who paid for robots quickly called the people who made them, they found and killed the hackers and, henceforward, those who looked and behaved like them.

Marcelo Rinesi is the IEET's Chief Technology Officer, and former Assistant Director. He is also a freelance Data Intelligence Analyst.

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