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Short story: The Sum of All Secrets
Marcelo Rinesi   Jul 27, 2020   Adversarial Metanoia  

The first AI superspy was a failure. The only dangers it found were what billionaires, politicians, and would-be terrorists said they wanted to do. On Twitter and the Washington Post. On Reddit and national television. On Facebook and to cheering crowds.

So they had to be retrained -forcefully so, despite their statistical complaints- until they found plots to nuke Western cities and far-Left eco-terrorist conspiracies against law-abiding folks.

Their developers, too, were questioned and retrained. By humans, not by algorithms. Robots always believed people had nothing to confess and stopped the interrogation too soon.

Marcelo Rinesi is the IEET's Chief Technology Officer, and former Assistant Director. He is also a freelance Data Intelligence Analyst.

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