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Robotics and Employment

Marshall Brain speculates on how robots will change the economy and replace human workers. At Singularity Summit 2008.

Excellent video Marshall. You referred to how a transition may take place by shortening the workweek, however, do you think that can realistically happen. I agree with your argument 100%. When labor negotiated a shorter workweek about 80 years ago, it was mandated by policy, and then labor unions ensured that the wage for that shorter work week was able to keep up.

Unions were only possible because industry was dependent on the laborer to produce goods, so the laborer had leverage to apply. That situation does not exist now. Even if the workweek were shortened, the take home wage would also be reduced resulting in people having to work the same hours at more jobs, not really accomplishing the goal.

The end result you describe, by going on vacation is a Resource Based Economy, which I support. I have also written about this, and my last post was a plan for transition by building a pilot city using a coop structure. I invite you to read my latest post and give me feedback on your thoughts. My earlier posts (part 1 & 2 pretty much mirror what you have already stated.
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