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Romania’s ban on abortion and its effects

As the US Supreme Court begins to uphold restrictions on American women’s rights to terminate their pregnancies, its a good time to remember the causes and consequences of the Romanian Communist regime’s abortion ban and its efforts to force all women to bear four children.

This excerpt from the film Children of the Decree, by Florin Iepan & Razvan Georgescu, Romania. A Westend Film Production in association with Subcultura and Periscope Productions for ZDF/ARTE, WDR, TVOntario.

The film tells the shocking story of the Romanian baby boom generation from its birth by Ceaucescu’s Decree 770 issued in 1966 prohibiting abortion for all women, to its maturity in 1989 when this new generation, in which Ceaucescu had placed all his hopes, turned against him and executed the dictator and his wife.

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