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Martine Rothblatt referenced in “Sex Education Robots” article
Jan 16, 2016  

IEET Trustee Martine Rothblatt was referenced by Sarah Sloat of in the article “Sex Education Robots: How Androids Help Humans Rethink Gender and Sexuality.”

The article refers to Rothblatt in the opening two paragraphs:


The millionaire futurist Martine Rothblatt is often described as “transgender” even though she self-identifies as transhumanist. This may seem a minor distinction, but when you’re rich enough to commission an artificially intelligent robot version of your wife and loose yourself from the constrictions of biology, it’s not a minor distinction at all. Rothblatt contextualizes her sexuality with technology rather than historical gender roles because that makes more sense to her.

“There are five billion people in the world and five billion unique sexual identities,” Rothblatt writes in The Apartheid of Sex. “Genitals are as irrelevant to one’s role in society as skin tone.”

To read the rest of the article, click HERE

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