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Is Developing Artificial Intelligence Ethical? What Relationship does AI Have with Jobs?

If you’re even the slightest bit familiar with pop culture from the past 50 years, you know that we’ve been anxiously awaiting robots to become a part of our daily lives. From R2-D2 to the Jetsons, our future robot companions promise to be helpful and handy! But many people have their concerns: will the development of artificial intelligence end up REPLACING humans in the work force, pushing already high unemployment through the roof?!?! These new laborers will likely do not just undesirable jobs (janitorial, coal mining, etc), but also the high paying premium jobs, like surgeons and lawyers. But can, or SHOULD, we stop progress?


While I understand the concern about AI replacing humans (already human productivity is growing, while the number of jobs is shrinking noticeably), this is just a temporary trend. Soon, many almost magical technologies will emerge (including ironically AI smarter than humans, which will result in the Singularity) that will give us abundance. For instance, soon we will commonly escape the Earth's gravity well, resulting in exponential production and a new virtually infinite frontier. Hang in there people - the key to a better more abundant life isn't to resist new technology, but to embrace it. Let me add that a consumer economy doesn't work if consumers can't consume, so AI supplanting human jobs is not sustainable.
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