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Dutch TV’s Tegenlicht does Present Shock
Douglas Rushkoff   Apr 29, 2014   Tegenlicht  

IEET Fellow Douglas Rushkoff talks about the new culture of technology on the strangely compelling Dutch TV show Tegenlicht. Published April of 2014.

Topics include:
- Nintendo
- The Occupy Movement
- Capitalism
- Human interaction
- Future models of politics
- PTSD and drone pilots
- Reality

No. I don't agree. Facial paralysis does not equate an impaired faculty for timing. I see a lot of this knee-jerk rejection of technological progress in the Netherlands. Especially VPRO is uncannily hostile towards progress, and constantly confuses tangible and objective societal and technological advancement with "consumerism" and "capitalism". It annoys me.

I do however like his comments on Occupy. What he is in fact describing is the Dutch "poldermodel".
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