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Occupy, this time for the people’s debt
Doug Rushkoff   Nov 15, 2012   CNN  

Much like President Obama, the Occupy movement is alive and well and entering its second term, thank you very much. It’s no longer about squatting in public parks, getting on the news, or—in some cases—getting arrested. No, instead this decentralized, bottom-up, anti-Wall Street effort is taking aim at your medical, student and other loans: It aims to relieve your debt.

Just as Obama appears to have left the lofty rhetoric of “being the change” behind him as he confronts the more practical realities of working a financial plan through an intransigent Congress, the occupiers have given up on winning media mindshare or public support and have turned instead to direct action that helps real people. In its Act 2, Occupy is just occupying the space where it’s needed.

Remember, Occupy does not have leaders, an administration or some central office. It’s not a single body with a mission control that makes particular decisions. It began as a one-day demonstration in New York, “Occupy Wall Street,” spawned by an announcement from the anti-corporate Adbusters magazine, and then mushroomed into similar encampments around the United States and in other parts of the world.

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Douglas Rushkoff is a fellow of the IEET, author of a dozen books and comic books, producer of two award-winning Frontline documentaries, and his essays have been published widely.


The question begs.. So why are not govts also following and utilising this radical incentive and applying this solution Universally to reduce global debt and ease austerity?

#Occupy is here to stay? #Humanism

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