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IEET Fellow Douglas Rushkoff joins Codecademy
Jul 30, 2012  

IEET Fellow Douglas Rushkoff, author of “Program or Be Programmed”, praised Codecademy in an essay that IEET posted in January 2012, entitled “Why I am Learning to Code and You Should, Too.”  Eventually, Rushkoff met with the founders of the organization, and he agreed to be “a member of Codecademy, dedicated to promoting code literacy and digital education.”

In regards to his decision, Rushkoff notes in his blog that, “there must be something better to do with my freshly minted PhD in New Media and Digital Culture than go for tenure at a college, right? Couldn’t I participate in higher education without putting my students into lifelong debt? …Thus, [Codecademy is] my first real job since serving as a tennis attendant one summer at the public courts in Westchester.”

To read all about his decision and the role he might play at Codecademy, CLICK HERE


The Khan Academy has just started a coding training program.  It’s free, as are all Khan Academy courses.

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