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How would you spend $5k to spread info & raise awareness about indefinite life extension?
Eric Schulke   Aug 6, 2014   Eric Schulke  

Movement for indefinite life extension (MILE) activist contest II: How would you spend $5,000 to spread information and raise awareness about people, projects &organizations working toward indefinite life extension?

We won’t be awarding any money through this contest, but we will be awarding a small gift to the entry that receives the most votes in a poll that we will conduct to determine the most popular entry.

If you were to receive a $5,000 check in the mail to inform people about indefinite life extension, then how would you spend it? You could organize a rally, give out books, take out ads,make yard signs, or any of a variety of other things that you can think of.

Give us the projected cost of hings like materials, cost of time, transportation, ad space, rentals, or whatever it may be. Include a description of the steps you would take to spend it wisely. Among these you might consider the following questions: How would you measure success? What demographics would you reach out to and how would you find them? Can you guarantee a minimum number of people that you would be able to reach?

Send your entry to the message inbox at the MILE – movement for indefinite life extension page (Facebook). The deadline on submitting entries is midnight Central Standard Time(CST), August 21, 2014. The administrators’ top picks will be posted on the Movement for Indefinite Life Extension page.

If you think of something that you can do for $5,000 that would be worth spending money on to get through to people about indefinite life extension, then after the contest, you can still make an entry and send it in. We archive these entries to direct interested parties to overtime.  Others might like your idea and want to team up with you to help make it happen. A small group of people can scrape together $5,000 and execute a worthwhile project for this urgent life and death work. People can also keep the entries in mind for future reference and for future consideration for ways that they can get involved. 

So, if you’re interested, start thinking about what your entry might look like. If you think of something that could be a worthwhile project, explain it by writing it out in 400 or more words and sending it in via the Movement for Indefinite Life Extension Facebook page’s message button.

Eric Schulke is an activist with the Movement for Indefinite Life Extension. He was a Director, Teams Coordinator, and Marketing & Outreach team leader at Longecity – Advocacy & Research for Unlimited Lifespans (2009-2012). He attended University of Wisconsin.

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